Little Red River Group of Companies

Caribou Mountain Construction

Caribou Mountain Construction LP is comprised of a diverse group of Professionals, Managers, Engineers and Trades People backed by the Little Red River Group of Companies. We are a 100% First Nation owned company. Our vision is to exercise sovereignty that sustains a prosperous socio-economic future for the Little Red River Cree Nation.

Caribou Mountain Forestry

Caribou Mountain Forestry (CMF) manages Forest Management Unit F23 (FMU F23) through renewable coniferous and deciduous timber harvest permits with the Alberta government.

CMF deals with local processing facilities for timber sales and manages all silvicultural liabilities after harvesting is complete. The silvicultural liabilities include site preparation, tree planting operations, and all post-harvest surveys required by Alberta which ensure provincial growth standards required for a successful plantation.

Caribou Mountain Homes

This business was acquired in 2019 for the primary purpose to build homes for the LRRCN offsite and then transport them to serviced lots in the community. At this point in time the company has built 12 homes. In addition, Osbourne and his team have been constructing 2 daycares, a nutrition center, a couple of shops and renovating the old health center.

To date the construction of homes for the LRRCN have relied on the standard stick-frame construction method. Early in the new year the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) will be the new method of construction with the panels being purchased from a plant in Ontario. These SIPs will provide a greatly reduced construction time for homes while also providing significantly lower energy costs to the future homeowner.

Caribou Mountain Propane LP

Caribou Mountain Propane LPThis business started operation on December 2, 2020, as a 50/50 partnership between CanGas and Caribou Mountain Investments LP a member of the Little Red River Group of companies to reduce the costs of Propane to the LRRCN and each and every member.