Term in Office: 2018 – 2022


Illustrated left to right: Carmen Alook, Alfred J. Seeseequon, Leslie Joe Laboucan, Malcom St. Arnault, Henry Grandjambe, Willard Tallcree-Dumas, Chief Conroy Sewepagaham, Keith Alook, John M. Laboucan, Delmer D’Or, and Murphy (Steve) Ribbonleg


Conroy Sewepagaham

Fox Lake Council Members

Leslie Joe Laboucan
Murphy (Steve) Ribbonleg
Alfred Seeseequon
Malcom St. Arnault

John D’Or Prairie Council Members

Carmen Alook
Henry Grandjambe
John Laboucan
Willard Tallcree-Dumas

Garden River Council Members

Keith Alook
Delmer D’Or