The Administration department provides many centralized services to all Nation programs and services and/or departments, that include the areas of Finance, Communications, Human Resources, Pension & Benefits, and Membership.

Finance provides financial services for all Nation Programs & Services; Administration, Community Infrastructure, Community Services, Education, Health Services, Lands & Environment Unit, Kayas Cultural College and Mamawi Awasis Society. The Finance branch consists of a Nation Financial Controller, Senior Accountant, General Accountant and five Finance Officers.
Finance support staff responsibilities include:

  • Processing payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Income Support
  • Post-Secondary
  • Foster Care
  • Financial Controller, Senior/General Accountants responsibilities include:
  • Processing and preparing financial statements; for review quarterly by program managers, directors, and Members of Council
  • Ensure program are within budget
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Maintain accurate recording of all financial data
  • All Finance staff communicate with suppliers, various government authorities, auditors, and banks when necessary. The Finance branch is committed to providing effective and efficient financial management for all Programs & Services of the Little Red River Cree Nation.

Finance Staff Contacts – John D’Or Prairie Central Office

Finance Officer – Priscilla Alook
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1111

Finance Officer – Andrea Dumas-D’Or (education leave)
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1112

Finance Officer – Marissa Sewepagaham
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1112

Finance Officer – Sherry Grande
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1139

Finance Officer – Trent Ribbonleg
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1113

Finance Officer – Sarah Lott- Ward

Accountant – Stacy Laboucan
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1109

Senior Accountant – Leah Blesse
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1106

Nation Financial Controller – Roseann D’Or
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1104


The Communications branch covers various aspects and areas of communication. Communications is required to work collaboratively with all Nation Program & Services staff and management to serve as a streamlined link between Nation departments and LRRCN membership. Communications oversees operations of the Nation website and social media pages, e.g., Facebook, and is a first point of contact to assist external businesses, agencies, and organizations. Communications also provides office/technical support for all Nation offices – John D’Or Prairie, Fox Lake, Garden River – ensuring all Nation communication devices and networks are functioning appropriately. The Communications branch is also a point of contact to request information regarding LRRCN’s Agricultural Benefits Specific Claim settlement – to coordinate the distribution of information, jointly with the Membership branch, until the claim process is complete.

Communications Staff Contact – John D’Or Prairie Central Office

Liaison & Communications Coordinator: Lorne Jr. Blesse
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1127

Human Resources

The Human Resources branch will oversee and manage the various areas with Human Resources Management on behalf of LRRCN:

  • Review and implementation LRRCN policies and procedures
  • Ensure Nation employees and management are within employment law and standards
  • Labor law compliance
  • Employee benefits
  • Hiring/Dismissal
  • Personnel File System

Human Resources Staff Contact – High Level Forestry Office

Human Resources Manager, Ildiko Etthidzine
Phone: 780.926.5725 Ext. 4104

Pensions and Benefits

The Pension & Benefits branch administers benefit plans/packages to all eligible employees employed under Nation Programs & Services. LRRCN offers employees both Pension and Group Life and Health benefits. These benefits are provided by Many Nations Financial Services Ltd.

The Pension Plan is set as a Multi-Employer Pension Plan administered through Industrial Alliance. The Group Life and Health Benefit Plan is administered through Great West Life. Both plans require mandatory participation.

Pension & Benefits Staff Contact – John D’Or Prairie Central Office

Human Resources Manager, Ildiko Etthidzine
Phone: 780.926.5725 Ext. 4104


Indian Registration Administrators are responsible for completing documents to register new members into Little Red River Cree Nation and the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, (INAC) Indian Registrar. All events are reported to INAC, such as births, band transfers, deaths, marriages, etc.
Services Provided:

  • Birth Registrations
  • Status Cards
  • Change of Status (for marriage, death, or transfers)

All new registrations require a long form birth certificate (with parent information). On your first visit with the Indian Registration Administrator (IRA), you will be giving consent for your child’s Birth Certificate to be ordered on your behalf. Also, at the same time, the Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) will fill out Parental Consent papers, that will be sent to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, (INAC) along with the original Birth Certificate once it is received. Please know, sometimes Birth Certificates require additional signatures or Vital Statistics find problems with the hospital registration, for that reason, please keep in contact with the Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) for updates on your registration.

As Status Indians, we are all categorized into sections. Within our band of LRRCN, these are the most common:

  • 6(1)(a) – Persons registered or entitled to be registered immediately prior to April 17, 1985.
  • 6(1)(c) – Indian status is restored, either through women who lost status through marriage or children enfranchised following their mother’s marriage to a non-Indian.
  • 6(1)(f) – Persons with two registered (or entitled to be registered) parents
  • 6(2) – Persons with one Indian parent registered or entitled under a 6(1) provision.

Section 6(2) Cut-Off – The 1985 Indian Act introduced a cut-off in terms of who is entitled to registration. Persons born to a parent who is registered or entitled to be registered under Section 6(2) are not eligible for registration unless their other parent is also someone who is registered or entitled to be registered under the Act.
The following chart shows how a person’s category is determined as of 1985 based on whether the parents have 6(1) or 6(2) entitlements or no entitlement to registration.


Registration is also responsible for issuing Certificates of Indian Status (CIS) cards to individuals recognized by INAC as being registered under the Indian Act:

  • All members that are registered can be issued a birth certificate including children of all ages.
  • Children under the age of 12 must have a parent or guardian sign for their cards.
  • Children ages 12 to 16 have the option of signing the application for himself or herself.
  • Applicants 16 years or older must sign his/her own application form.

Frequency of Issuance and Renewal:

  • A registered Indian may only possess one Status card at any given time and maximum of two Status cards shall be issued to a registered Indian within any 12-month period.
  • A paper laminated CIS issued to an individual over the age of eighteen must be renewed five years after the date of issuance.
  • A paper laminated CIS issued to an individual under the age of eighteen must be renewed three years after the date issuance.

Marriages, Deaths and Transfers:

  • The Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) should be notified when there is a legal change made to your given name(s) as it is recorded on your Birth Certificate to request an amendment to the band list – status card should match the legal name written on other government issued identification.
  • The Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) can assist family members (next of kin) with completing documents relating to Estates.
  • The Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) can assist members with completing documents related to transferring to or from another First Nation, within a 12-month period.

Our Nation of Little Red River Cree Nation receives 200 Status cards at a time. The Indian Registration Administrators (IRA’s) divide these cards into the 3 communities, 100 for Fox Lake, 50 for Garden River, and 50 for John D’or Prairie. Once all cards have been issued, a new set of (200) cards are ordered.

Important: Please register your child for their treaty number as soon as possible. After your child turns a year old and is not registered, North Peace Tribal Council Transportation will not be covering costs for medical and First Nations Health will not be paying for prescription medication. Also, status numbers will only be given to the parents or legal guardians of under age children.

Membership Staff Contact – John D’Or Prairie Central Office/Fox Lake Nation Office

Indian Registration Administrator, Kerry-Lynn D’Or
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1128

Indian Registration Administrator, Elizabeth Ribbonleg
Phone: 780.659.2714 

Director of Nation Programs & Services Contact – John D’Or Prairie Central Office

Alain Joly
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1105