Welcome to Community Services. We provide many programs to pursue your dreams at home, in our communities, and away from home! We’re here for you!
Our primary focus is to make it easier to find a job and to improve your skills through continuing education and training. We also find support for those who need assistance to live with dignity in our communities.
Please feel free to call us or to stop by our offices so we can get you started on your journey.


We focus on self-reliance by providing resources and support to help people develop knowledge and skills through education, training and work.


To become a sustainable, healthy and thriving community with self reliant, employed, entrepreneurial and career-minded individuals who contribute to economic, social and community well-being.


Respect – Everyone deserves the same level. Equality – Every client will have equal opportunity. Future Generations – Helping today’s generations so that they may continue to grow, learn and make a positive impact on the future. Teamwork – Through team work we support each other to provide services to community. Value – We value all resources including people, land, wildlife, financial and infrastructure capital. Confidentiality – Everyone has the right to privacy. Community – This is our home