We help on-reserve residents maintain a basic standard of living.  We also help you and your families become stronger so you don’t need to rely on income support.

Benefits that are available:

Core Essential:

  • Food, clothing, household needs, personal needs, basic transportation
  • Core Shelter
  • Electricity, heating fuel
  • Supplement to Core Benefits:
  • NCBS Replacement
  • PNS Supplement (BFE Clients)
  • ERB Supplement (ETW-C Clients)
  • Special Diets (Diabetes, Pregnancy, Breast feeding)
  • Isolated Community Allowance
  • Funeral Costs

Special Needs:

  • Natal allowance
  • Noninsured health benefits
  • Child care other than for employment
  • Escaping family violence
  • Emergency allowance
  • First Nations special approval
  • Employment training and transition supports

COPH Program (Child Out of Parental Home)

  • Provide Financial Support to Care Givers of a child under 18 years old

Are you eligible?

To qualify for support for the Income Support Program you must:

  • Be a resident on reserve
  • One member of your household must be 18 years or older
  • Establish your identity and provide information or substantiation required to determine eligibility (identification)
  • Provide proof of financial need (NOA, Bank Statements, etc.)
  • Report any changes in circumstances in your household

Timelines and deadlines:

There are no deadlines.  You must meet the requirements for support and prove your need to qualify.  Your situation will be monitored and reassessed on a regular basis.

Benefits are issued on a case by case basis and may not be available to all clients as benefits are determined by policy procedures and assessment process.  There are specific and strict criteria set out by the Federal Government that we follow when determining eligibility.