Through this program you have a chance to obtain a college certificate or diploma; an undergraduate degree; a master’s degree; a professional degree (e.g. law or medicine); or a doctoral degree.

Education helps you achieve Aboriginal self-determination and economic self-reliance. If you’re ready to commit, come see us to find out what to do. Here is what we offer.

LEVEL I Community College – diploma and certificate programs for two (2) academic years plus an additional year.

LEVEL II Undergraduate programs for four (4) academic years, example Bachelor Degrees, plus an additional year.

LEVEL III ONE of the following: 1) Professional degree programs for three (3) academic years, example – law, medicine, etc. plus an additional year. 2) Master’s Degree for two (2) academic years, plus an additional year. 3) Doctoral Degree for one (1) academic year, plus an additional year.

Full-time approved students – support for:

  • Tuition fees and deposit
  • Books and supplies
  • Examination and interview fees
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Travel and moving support
  • Living expenses
  • Damage deposit
  • Graduation expenses and completion awards
  • UCEP expenses

Part-time approved students – support for:

  • Tuition fees
  • Books and supplies
  • Graduation expenses

*All benefits are based on the policy, and our budget.

Funding is limited so we give priority as follows:

  • Students continuing their studies from current academic year
  • Grade 12 students who have successfully graduated and are accepted into a post-secondary institution
  • Students who were deferred due to lack of funding and who are reapplying for support.
  • Mature students accepted in certificate, diploma or degree programs as ‘mature’ students
  • Students who need to complete prerequisites to pursue post-secondary education.
  • Students who sporadically attended post-secondary institutions and who have not yet used the maximum sponsorship available through our program
  • Students who have successfully completed Level II studies and took a longer than normal session break
  • Students who reached the length and duration of our available sponsorship but need one more term to successfully graduate from the program study 9. Off-reserve Little Red River Cree
  • Nation students on a term by term basis who were denied external funding

Are you eligible?

To qualify for support for Post-Secondary Education (PSE) you must:

  • Be a Status member with the Little Red River Cree Nation
  • Have met University or College entrance requirements
  • Have enrolled in or be accepted for enrolment in a program of study at a Post-Secondary Institute
  • Have been interviewed by the Employment Facilitator in your community, received an application package, applied and been accepted into a Post-Secondary Institute.

Timelines and Deadlines:

Applicants are encouraged to file their applications from:

  • April 1st to June 1st for September intake
  • October 1st to December 1st for January intake each year.

*Approvals are based on the policy, procedures and our budget.

Download the PSE Student Funding Application (2020)