The C.R.E.E (Unit) will support the LRRCN in achieving its principles, goals and aspirations in respect to lands and environmental matters. The Unit is charged with the responsibility of engaging the Crown and industry in respect to industry development proposals and proposed government land management policies and amendments.

The Unit will provide advice and recommend appropriate responses to proposed developments and government policies to the LRRCN Council. Further, the Unit will undertake an appropriate level of due diligence to ensure that the Nation’s legal options and remedies are preserved wherever possible.

The Unit will support the LRRCN Council and community in reaching decisions about proposed developments and land use policies. Further, the Unit will undertake proactive measures and strategies to advance the rights and interests of LRRCN peoples and work to compel the Crown to fulfill its legal duties and lawful obligations.

Staff Contact – John D’Or Prairie Central Office

Director of C.R.E.E – Darryel Sowan
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1132

Consultation Officers

Lindee Dumas
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1137

Wanda Laboucan
Phone: 780.759.3912, Ext. 1135